ETS Telecommunications
Peering Policy


ETS Telecommunications LLC (DBA: ETS Telco) is committed to establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial peering relationships with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and networks to enhance the quality and efficiency of Internet connectivity for our customers.

Peering Criteria

ETS Telco considers the following criteria when evaluating potential peering partners:

Network compatibility and mutual benefit in traffic exchange.

Geographical proximity and network reachability.

Operational and technical capabilities to maintain a stable and secure peering relationship.

Compliance with mutually agreed-upon peering guidelines.

Peering Requests

ISPs interested in peering with ETS Telco should submit a formal peering request via email to containing relevant information about their network, traffic profile, and peering locations.

ETS Telco will review each request based on the aforementioned criteria and respond promptly to the requester.

ETS Telco reserves the right to accept or decline peering requests at its discretion. Our general approach can be described as selective in nature with an open leaning and collaborative mindset. Our goal is to establish peering relationships under conditions of mutual benefit and or public benefit.

Peering Guidelines

Peering sessions will be established based on mutual benefits and agreement on traffic exchange ratios.

Both parties must adhere to industry-standard best practices for network security, stability, and performance.

Regular monitoring and communication will be maintained to ensure the optimal functioning of the peering relationship.

Changes to the peering arrangement, including upgrades or modifications, should be communicated and mutually agreed upon.

Peering Agreement

A formal peering agreement will be established between ETS Telco and the peering partner, outlining the terms and conditions of the peering relationship.

The agreement will include details regarding traffic exchange, routing policies, maintenance responsibilities, and dispute resolution mechanisms.


ETS Telecommunications LLC (DBA: ETS Telco) aims to foster collaborative relationships with ISPs through transparent and mutually beneficial peering arrangements. This policy serves as a guideline for establishing and maintaining peering relationships in line with industry standards and best practices.

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